By January 15, 2012Press

Having acquired the know-how at the prestigious schools of Ritz Escoffier and Valrhona in France, Maya Maalouf Kanaan invites the refined and sophisticated gourmets to an assortment of noble confections made with grand chocolates and opulent ingredients, and crafted with the utmost care.

The wide range of delicacies, that is sure to satisfy and cater to all tastes, consists of various chocolate creations, including special occasion and holiday collections as well as exquisite delights such as marrons glacés, calissons and pâte de fruits.

Introducing a new concept to the Lebanese market, M de Noir welcomes chocolate lovers to experience chocolate in the making, revel in chocolate tasting, and indulge in freshly-made hot chocolate.

Kids ateliers are held on Saturday mornings, whereby children learn all about chocolate, make their own chocolate bars, decorated with the toppings of their choice. There should be nothing stopping you from giving this place a try.

M de Noir (71 223240) Kassardjian Bldg, 1st Str, Bayada