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January 08, 2015

The chocolate master hits again and this time with something new and unique which promises to amaze the market. Maya Maalouf Kanaan introduces something special: Truffles Marc de Champagne. I was left in awe after every bite and with no doubt I am sure you will experience the same effect.

I tested this by giving one to each of ten friends and I got the same reaction from all… “Yumm… that’s a very good chocolate”. A big pink gift box filled with 42 handcrafted truffles. Protecting these pieces of marvel is a plastic cover. Your mouth will start drooling just by looking through the transparent box. Each is a pure white-like transparent rock, slightly shining due to daylight, revealing a dark filling inside… magic to our taste buds in each piece.

The portrait of a sugar dust white looking truffle: Icing sugar embraces white Ivory chocolate from Valrhona. With 35{ac98ede1eba1845125a48f21ffb964c3c247dda8965b47e0c9e31fe2aeeaee98} cacao, Valrhona markets this couverture as “smooth as silk,” and I have to agree – this white chocolate is out of this world. Let’s check what’s inside… Filled with premium dark chocolate grand cru from Valrhona mixed with “Marc de Champagne” a brandy made from Pomace (also known as marc), which means using discarded seeds and skins in the same process as champagne.

Approach it to your mouth and let it touch your tongue while the fine sugar dust starts to crystallize. Take a moment before biting into it and hear it explode… the white envelope breaks apart like an iceberg in the arctic to reveal the inner dream… a fine chocolate cream prepared with champagne brandy flows. A premium chocolate, not sweet, intense and very aromatic while the sugar glazing adds a little tiny touch of enjoyable freshness. The alcohol takes over bittering up your palate… This leaves a long lasting aftertaste… What else can I say other than Bravo. Every tasting from M de Noir, is another amazement…

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